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Popin Integration Document



This document establishes the integration steps to enable popin video shopping on an ecommerce website.

Brand Panel

Your brand panel is available at You can login using the credentials provided to you.


Copy the Popin code from your Brand Panel > Settings > Integrations and embed it on all pages on your website from where you’d like your customers to initiate calls with your agents.

The code will look something like this:

let popIn = document.createElement('script')
popIn.setAttribute('src', '')
popIn.onload = () => {
    token: "123456",
    mode: "hidden", //optional to hide widget icon
    captured: {     //optional for logged in user
      name: "John Doe",
      mobile: "9876543210",
      email: ""

API Methods

Record Sale

Use this API to record sale so that it gets attributed to agent.

Popin('sale', { orderId, amount })


Option Optional? Default value Description
orderId No   OrderId of the sale for internal tracking.
amount No   Total amount in the transaction in paise.

Example Code

Popin('sale', { orderId: 777, amount: 9000 })

Connection Routing

Use this API to route connection to a particular group.

Popin('group', { groupId: <id_of_group> })

OR use the below code as part of your widget open script.

<button onclick="Popin('open', { groupId: '<id_of_group>' })">Button</button>


Option Optional? Default value Description
groupId No   ID of the group to route call to.

Example Code

Popin('group', { groupId: 4 })

Open Widget

Use this API to open the widget.

Popin('open', { groupId: <id_of_group> })


Option Optional? Default value Description
groupId Yes   ID of the group to route connection to.

Example Code

Popin('open', { groupId: 4 })

Close Widget

Use this API to close the widget.


Sync Products

Use this API to sync product info with popin system so that agents can share products from their devices.



  "token": "51",
  "products": [
      "name": "Cool Bangle",
      "url": "",
      "price": 4500,
      "image": ""
      "name": "Cool Ring",
      "url": "",
      "price": 1500,
      "image": ""


A POST request has to be sent with your token and products info as JSON to the above URL. Please make sure you set the Content-Type header as application/json.

Note: The amount field is in paise.


Write a mail to